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Pre-Foundation Course

One important thing that is necessary for every good building is A SOLID FOUNDATION. In fact, even small children playing with building blocks learn this important lesson…to build something well that will stand up and not come tumbling down.

As teachers and parents, we may get caught up in the pressure when we feel to teach reading and neglect to teach foundation literacy skills.

This is what K2K is doing over the years and now it has moved one-step ahead by starting prefoundation courses for class 9th and 10th. In this competitive world, it is a tough task to nurturing a young brain of prefoundation students. Every child is god gifted with great potential in him. To achieve the right path it just requires the right direction and stands our students apart from the mass.

Encouraged by the current success of K2K Career Classes, Momentum has also embarked on another structured program to prepare students for the prestigious IIT/PMT, NTSE, STSE, KVPY & various competitive exams for their school studies.

We, at K2K, strongly believe in the old dictum: A journey of a mile begins with a single step. Hence, we are extremely careful about that every single step that a young child of class 9th or 10th takes in his/her formative years of learning.

News & Updates

Admission open in academic session 2019 – 20.

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